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When To Perform Sealcoating/Pavement Maintenance

When To Perform Sealcoating/Pavement Maintenance

March 22, 2023

3 min

Every parking lot owner and manager has heard that timely corrective maintenance or repairs and regular preventive maintenance are necessary. After all, it can impact your business significantly. A great looking parking lot can elevate the property value. Your parking lot is the first interaction customers have with your business, so make sure it looks great and doesn't exhibit any distress signs. Also, an ill-maintained pavement with depressions, potholes, and faded parking lot striping can result in accidents and vehicular damage, leaving you liable.

Proline Parking Lot Maintenance offers premium maintenance solutions for your commercial surfaces in Charlotte, NC.

Pavement maintenance consists of numerous processes, including seal coating, line striping, cleaning, snow removal, repairs, and a lot more. We all know that these are essential for pavement care, but many of us are unsure when they need to be done. Since a substantial investment is required for any paving project, you cannot undertake them all frequently – it is a waste of money. Therefore, these projects need to be commissioned at the right time.

When Is The Best Time For Pavement Maintenance?

Determining factors:

A few factors can help you determine the ideal time for performing specific pavement maintenance processes like:

  • Condition of the pavement – Regular inspections need to be done to evaluate your parking lot's condition and identify problems in their early stages so appropriate measures can be taken.
  • Pavement age and life cycle – Certain pavement distresses, and issues are expected to arise with age, so taking a proactive approach by expecting them and indulging in preventive care can eradicate or delay these problems.
  • Maintenance and repair timeline – Keep track of what project was carried out when to predict if the need for a particular process will arise in the near future.
  • Weather – Weather conditions can affect the results and likelihood of specific projects, so the local weather forecasts and season need to be considered when planning for a paving project (for scheduling, techniques, alternatives, etc.)

Unique determinants:

Aside from the common factors influencing your decision of when a pavement maintenance project should be carried out, there are some project-specific factors too that coincide with or overlap the 'maintenance and repair timeline.' This is especially relevant for asphalt sealcoating. Your parking lot needs to be seal coated every two to three years, depending on how busy your commercial property is and how much traffic your lot receives. For example, supermarket parking lots receive more traffic, so they need seal coating more frequently.

Proline Parking Lot Maintenance offers long-wearing and cost-effective pavement maintenance solutions for parking lots in Charlotte, NC.

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