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Gators 101: How To Deal With Extensively Cracked Pavement

January 12, 2023

3 min

Have you ever experienced a patch of pavement that's so severely cracked it feels like you're hitting a series of speed bumps? We have, and it's not fun, especially if you're in a hurry. But what to do when you come across such a pavement? Do you try to avoid it altogether? Do you go over it as fast as possible? Or do you slow down and take your time?

Sometimes, you may come across a road with extensive cracking and potholes, making driving a bumpy experience. It is probably due to alligator cracks. They are a common occurrence on the pavement. If you don't know much about them, read on for some tips by the best asphalt paving contractor in Cornelius, NC- Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc.

Gators? Here? What?

Have you ever come across an alligator peacefully crossing the road with its family on a nice sunny day? No, of course not! Because we're not talking about the reptiles that can be found in the swamps and bayous. We're talking about those unpleasant pavement cracks that seem to pop up overnight and cause all sorts of problems.

Alligator cracks, when left untreated, grow and spread, causing even more damage. So how do you prevent these big bullies from wreaking havoc on your parking lot or driveway? And, most importantly, what causes them?

What Causes Alligator Cracks?

There are a few factors that can cause them - or other types of extensive cracking in asphalt pavement:

  • Water infiltration,
  • Thermal contraction and expansion,
  • Sub-base failure,
  • Vehicle overloads.

Of these, water infiltration is the most common culprit. When water seeps into the cracks in the pavement, it causes them to widen and deepen. It leads to even more cracking and creates a vicious cycle that's difficult - if not impossible - to break.

What Can You Do To Prevent Them?

Preventing these cracks from forming in the first place is the best solution. There are a few things you can do to help:

  • Seal the cracks with a sealant that will expand and contract along with the pavement.
  • Fill the cracks with a cold asphalt patch or epoxy.
  • Ensure efficient drainage around your parking lot or driveway to divert water away from the pavement.

How to Handle Extensively Cracked Pavement?

If prevention measures fail and you find yourself faced with extensive cracking, there are still some steps you can take:

Vehicles are off-limits: The best way to protect people is to keep them off the pavement. If possible, move all parked cars out of the area until the gators are repaired.

Mark the area: Danger! Use caution tape or cones to mark the area around the cracks so pedestrians and drivers know to stay away.

Repair as soon as possible: The longer you wait, the more damage will be done. Promptly repairing the cracks is your best bet.


Proline Parking Lot Maintenance is the company to call for your extensive pavement maintenance needs in Cornelius, NC. We have the experience and expertise to handle any size job, and we'll work hard to get the job done right – and on time.

So before you put off dealing with that cracked pavement any longer, give us a call! We offer free quotes, so there's no reason not to get started today.

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