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ADA Requirements Every Parking Lot Owner Should Know

March 23, 2023

3 min

Accessible parking spaces for special individuals are essential. They provide access to many resources and opportunities that have been associated with civic and community life. Imagine if no cars could park at a supermarket or movie theater. The distance from the parking lot to the supermarket entrance or movie theater would be inconvenient for differently-abled individuals to cover.

Parking lots have the first chance to set a good first impression on drivers before entering a property. That’s why the ADA requires that parking spaces be accessible to everyone. Accessible parking also allows every business owner to display their ability to embrace all communities and welcome them with open arms.

Today's blog includes the requirements that every parking lot owner should know about an ADA-compliant parking lot.

  • Are Marked Accessible Parking Stalls Necessary? 

If parking is provided, accessible parking should be offered to people with disabilities.

However, parking lots that are not designed for driving must have an accessible passenger loading zone. In these cases, regular parking spaces are most convenient and don't need to be made accessible.

  • To What Extent Are Spaces Required in a Parking Facility?

The number of accessible spaces provided in each parking facility is calculated separately. A parking facility is a form of parking or parking structure. A shopping center can have multiple logical parking areas. The number of accessible parking spaces is predicated on the total number of parking spaces available but not on the total number of slots open on-site.

  • Is the Number of Accessible Parking Spaces for Medical Facilities Different From the Non-Medical?

Yes. Outpatient hospitals require a minimum of 10% of space for the patient or visitor to use. Nursing homes and outpatient physical therapy centers that specialize in treating mobility-related conditions need 20% of patient/visitor spaces to be accessible.

  • What about Valet?

Valet or valet parking increases accessibility but may become a liability if not done correctly. However, the car valet is not sufficient for wheelchair access. In this case, there are two reasons: 

First, valet service is not always available at all times when there is an open parking lot. 

Second, customized vehicles may not be compatible with all people. Therefore, valet services require accessible parking space and a designated loading area for passengers.

  • How Should Accessible Parking Spaces Be Distributed?

Accessible parking spaces must be located near the primary entrance access to the property. When several accessible entries are close together and connected by accessible parking, the accessible parking should be located adjacent to the accessible entrances.

For instance, if a mall has fifteen stores, not all parking spaces should be found at the mall's outer edge. Instead, they should be supplied to all stores evenly to serve consumers equally.

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