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How Can You Improve Your Parking Lot Before Spring?

March 23, 2023

3 min

Winters are that time of the year when asphalt paving is not all that viable. You need daring paving contractors with specialized equipment to overlay emergency cases, and even then, the compaction quality is not guaranteed - because of the weather, of course!

Mooresville, NC, is warming up to spring showers which means more damage to your asphalt parking lots. Your customers will be coming in droves to shake off the winter blues, and you need to provide them with an appealing blacktop.

Need your lots revamped for spring? Get in touch with Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, In., for further advice on the areas of improvement. We'll suggest a few now!

1. Resurface

Mooresville gets little snow but plenty of showers in spring, which is enough to exacerbate pavement failure in an already raveling parking lot. Extensive damage can result in alligatored asphalt & potholes. Resurfacing is the practice of milling the top asphalt off and overlaying a new layer for fresh & milled asphalt.

2. Patch

If the potholes on your parking lot are too cratered for resurfacing or overlay, the weather has become warm enough to allow a hot patch. If you had cold patches during the winters, you would need to replace them with a more permanent solution.

3. Drain

Time and again, the importance of good drainage comes up! Any storm drains, grates, & concrete swales will need to be repaired & cleared of any organic debris to allow adequate run-off. The spring rains are here, and you wouldn't want your customers to have to park in a pool of murky water.

4. Texture

For large parking lots, we suggest a texturing, post-overlay, to enhance the traction of the surface for the rush of visitors. You wouldn't want an accident in a parking lot because the asphalt was too smooth.

5. Layout

You need adept parking lot experts to envision a more optimal parking layout; that is where specialists at Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. come in.

6. Restripe

Parking lot striping is a critical aspect of ADA compliance & road safety. Stripes erode over time, making parking mistakes & scuffles common among drivers. If parked too close to each other, vehicles can get chipped, accessible stalls get abused, and parking offenses skyrocket. So, if you genuinely seek improvement, sign up for a restripe to code!

7. Signage

The other part of ADA compliance is pavement stenciling, the guideposts, the blind spot mirrors, incline warning, speeds warning, reflective signage, & accessible stall signs. These precautions ensure your visitors are made aware of all turn hazards & will navigate in an orderly fashion.

You can also add speed bumps & wheel stoppers to show you mean business & no liability. At Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc., serving Mooresville, NC, we take every job seriously, so you can rest assured that having us work on your turf will boost your ROI.

Request a free quote. You can book us for a seal coat as soon as your resurfaced & patched lots are cured!

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