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Cracks In Cornelius: Asphalt Repair Tips For Parking Lot Safety!

May 1, 2023

3 min

Any damage to commercial asphalt pavement spells trouble for business owners - and double that if it creates a road hazard. It's vital to be proactive about asphalt repair, which is why we're offering some tips today.

Preventative measures like pothole repair, crack sealing, and seal coating can save business owners much money. So, if you'd like to learn more about these procedures, read on!

Crack Sealing

If you discover movements greater than 0.1 inches in the cracks, it's time to do some crack sealing on your asphalt pavement. This method involves cleaning the cracks before adding an adhesive sealant. Next, we pour the hot rubberized sealant to fill the cracks and create an impermeable barrier.

This method is a bit more expensive than other repair techniques, but it's still affordable compared to asphalt replacement. Sealing is a preventative measure to stop small cracks from turning into larger ones. It retains its flexibility with the movement of the asphalt pavement, which is essential in areas with freeze-thaw cycles.

You can quickly resolve active working cracks in the pavement, like transverse cracks, by using asphalt fillers & sealers as repair methods.

Pothole Repair:

Potholes are typically caused by water seeping into the pavement and freezing, causing the pavement to crack and crumble. While they may seem like a minor annoyance, potholes can be quite dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians.

The best repair for a pothole is to remove the existing pavement and replace it with new asphalt or fill the pothole with cold-patch asphalt.

Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. are experts in pothole repair. We offer cold patching and asphalt patching as a quick and economical solution for repairing potholes.


If the asphalt is in good condition but has lost its luster, sealcoating may be the right solution. Sealcoating protects asphalt from the sun's ultraviolet rays and makes it look new again.

At Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc., we use only the highest quality sealcoating products to protect your investment and maintain your property's curb appeal. We carefully prepare the surface, repair cracks, and apply two coats of sealer for a durable finish.

Asphalt Repair:

Sometimes you aren't sure what the problem is, but you know you need asphalt repair services. Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. can help.

We offer free consultations to diagnose the problem and recommend the best solution. Whether you need cold patching, sealcoating, or something in between, we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.


Maintaining pavement is far from easy, but if you're diligent, you can keep your property looking great for many years to come. These top three pavement repair methods will help keep your pavement in pristine condition and prevent further damage.

Are you looking for a reliable asphalt paving contractor to help you with asphalt repair in Cornelius and Charlotte, NC? Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc., a specialist in parking lot construction & design, offers high-quality asphalt paving services to keep your parking lot safe and looking their best.

We're Charlotte’s #1 pavement maintenance company, so you can drive confidently knowing your asphalt is in good hands.

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