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Concrete Curbs - The Secret To Boosting A Neighborhood's Curb Appeal

March 23, 2023

3 min

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and been struck by how nice the homes on the street look but wondered what the big secret that makes them so appealing is? It's not just good luck or coincidence - in most cases, it's because the homeowners have put some extra thought and effort into making their street look good. One key element that makes a world of difference is concrete curbs.

Curb appeal plays a crucial in your home's overall look, and with concrete curbs, you can step up your curb game. Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. shows in this blog post how adding concrete curbs adds extra life to your neighborhood.

1) Fix the Sidewalk

Raised slabs are not only unappealing but are also a safety hazard. On top of that, maintenance costs are high for those homeowners who have to maintain their sidewalks and curbs. Fortunately, concrete curbs can help you fix the sidewalk by providing a stable foundation for your driveway or street.

Many new developments use this technique - they install concrete curbs on either side of the street, which helps them create an even surface and keep water away from the streets.

2) Stamped Walkway/Driveway

Stamped concrete is available in different patterns and colors to create your home's perfect look. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also very durable and long-lasting.

When installing a stamped concrete driveway, you should keep in mind that the edges will fade over time if they're not sealed properly. Make sure you use a suitable sealant every few years to keep them looking sharp!

3) Garbage Enclosures and Retaining Walls

These two are often overlooked, but they're essential for any neighborhood. They help keep garbage out of sight and provide privacy from cars that drive through your community. If you don't have one yet, consider installing some enclosures around your trash cans so no one can see them when it's time to take their trash out!

4) Decreases Lawn Maintenance Expense

While this sounds obvious, it's still worth mentioning. Curb appeal can often be the deciding factor for a home sale. And if you're not planning on selling your home any time soon, think about how much easier it will be to keep up the lawn and landscaping with concrete curbs in place!

Concrete curbs are an often overlooked part of a home's curb appeal, but they can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your neighborhood. By adding some color and texture with stamped concrete, you can bring out the beauty of your homes!

If you're looking to boost your neighborhood's curb appeal, concrete curbs may be the answer. Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. is a company that can upgrade your parking lot's service life with our premium services in Huntersville, NC. We offer free estimates, so contact us today to get started!

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