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7 Ways To Properly Maximize Your Parking Lot

March 23, 2023

3 min

Maintaining your parking lot will add significant value to your business or property. A well-maintained parking lot contributes to the curb appeal, creates a positive image of the establishment, and ensures customer safety.

If you are looking to add value to your parking lot in Huntersville, NC, check out these 7 ways to efficiently maintain your parking lot and maximize its usage:

1. Cleaning & sweeping:

Sweeping your parking lot and keeping it clear from rocks, leaves, dirt, and other debris will not only maintain an excellent appearance but also prevent additional issues. Un-swept dirt and debris can cause safety hazards, standing water, and lead to drainage problems in pavement.

2. Check drainage:

It is vital for the drainage system in your parking lot to drain rainwater efficiently. Poor drainage is a sign of blockage. Standing rainwater or puddles will cause the asphalt to weaken and form cracks. Unchecked cracks can eventually lead to potholes, which will lead to hefty repair costs which could have been easily avoided.

3. Repair cracks:

Pay attention to any cracks that may have formed in the asphalt of your parking lot. Cracks are inevitable due to weather elements and usage, but timely repair of these cracks will prevent further deterioration.

4. Clean oil and gas drippings:

It is common for auto fluid to drip on the asphalt of your parking lot. However, if these fluids are not cleaned up, they give an unsightly appearance. Furthermore, the chemicals in the oil can cause damage to the surface. It is best to clean up these leakages as soon as possible.

5. Seal coating:

Seal coating is the process of covering the entire asphalt surface of your parking lot with a liquid sealant that forms a protective barrier once it is dry. It is recommended to seal coat your parking lot every 2 to 3 years, depending on the usage. Seal coating protects your asphalt surface from the effects of the elements, standing water, and the chemical leaks from cars. Seal coating not only fills any cracks but also gives your parking lot an attractive, shiny, jet-black finish.

6. Repaint lines/Restriping:

Faded parking lot lines give a dull and run-down look. Repainting the lines will spruce up your parking lot in a more significant way than you can imagine. Restriping those lines will help with parking safety and add to the curb appeal.

7. Lighting upgrade:

Ensure to illuminate your parking lots well to make visitors feel safe. You must invest in a lighting system that lights up your entire parking lot. Poorly lit areas increase potential risks of accidents and even theft.

Building and maintenance supervisors must conduct regular inspections of their parking lots. Regularly walking the lot to determine if any issues such as developing cracks, standing water, or pools of harmful oils or gasoline are present will help to ensure timely repairs and prevent further damage.

Proline Parking Lot Maintenance Inc. wants to ensure that our clients’ parking lots remain in pristine condition so they in turn can make a terrific impression on their customers and enhance their business. Upgrade your parking lot’s service life with our premium parking lot maintenance solutions in Huntersville, NC. Get a free consultation and quote today!

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