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3 Ways Your Parking Lot Can Make Your Customers Happy

March 23, 2023

3 min

With the growing popularity of e-commerce, brick and mortar stores are under increased pressure to think of new ways to keep a continuous flow of foot traffic. Some of their focus areas are convenient store locations, many options under one roof, outstanding customer service, etc. Since the parking lot is the first area your customers encounter, the quality of their experience in the parking lot sets the tone for their visit inside the establishment.

The first and foremost thing customers experience is the condition of the parking lot. If your parking lot is clean, in good repair, and has the necessary signage, you will get bonus points. Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. in Charlotte, NC, can help you make a statement with your parking lot and attract more customers.

Let's discover the primary customer touchpoints in your parking lot and how you can improve their experience outside.

Arriving at the Parking Lot

When customers enter your parking lot, they want to conveniently find a parking spot as close to the entrance as possible. Of course, it is impossible to provide parking spots close to the entrance to all of the customers. However, if they see an organized and fair system in place for parking space assignment, their frustration will be minimal. Since quickly finding a parking space is the primary concern of customers when they arrive at a commercial establishment, you can use digital signage technology to show the customers at the entrance where the empty spaces are located in order to help them find a spot quickly. For large or multistory parking lots, a higher degree of convenience would be the facility of online parking space booking before arrival.

The Walk from Parking Space to the Building

There seem to be only two components of the parking lot experience, driving in and parking and driving out of the parking lot. However, you shouldn't overlook the walk from the parking spot to the building. This dull and monotonous walk can be made pleasing and integrated into the entire visitor experience. For example, you can guide the customers about different aspects of their experience in the building through digital signage and customer service staff available in the lot.

Leaving the Parking Lot

If everything worked in your favor during the customer visit and they are happy, the last seemingly insignificant but important part of the visit is leaving the parking lot. They want to quickly find their car and exit without any hassle. You can use tech tools for this purpose, such as GPS tracking apps or QR codes placed in strategic locations throughout the parking lot.

Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, Inc. in Charlotte, NC, provides full-service parking lot maintenance services across North Carolina. Our unrelenting focus on exceptional customer service helps us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We make customers for life; no project is a one-time job for us. Along with sealcoating and line striping services, we also specialize in pothole repair, crack sealing, stenciling/pavement markings, speed bump installation, signage, and wheel stop installation.

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