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Speed Bump Installation Charlotte, NC

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Installing speed bumps is a great way to help slow down traffic, preventing accidents but preventing severe injuries should there be an accident. Maintaining control of traffic flow can support the asphalt to last longer. Installing speed limit signs helps, but in most instances, installing speed bumps is the best way to slow traffic down. If you want speed bumps installed on your property, look at Proline Parking Maintenance.

At Proline Parking Maintenance, we have installed plenty of speed bumps, helping our customers maintain safety and control over their parking lots and garages. Installation of speedbumps can help mitigate traffic in parking garages and other places with tight corners, a lot of pedestrian traffic, and multiple entrances and exits. Having speed bumps installed is a financial investment that can save money in the long run by saving any damage to your asphalt and preventing any significant accidents on your property, giving customers the peace of mind that their safety is essential.

We can help you decide which type of material to use for speedbumps. Concrete, asphalt, and rubber are all relative to where you are having your speed bumps installed. Parking garages can withstand the cement ones better than outdoors. The rubber speedbumps are one of the best options as they last much longer. With a decade of experience, we have learned techniques and skills to complete the job efficiently with the highest quality materials and maintain affordable prices. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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