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It's The Perfect Time To Budget For Your Spring 2022 Parking Lot Maintenance Project.

March 23, 2023

3 min

Have you missed out on pavement repair & maintenance last autumn? Forgot the potholes and cracks lying about your parking lots & commercial pavement in Charlotte, NC? You can still do some preparation before booking Proline Parking Lot Maintenance for the extensive repairs: start budgeting!

If you are a parking lot or properties manager and have skipped annual asphalt maintenance, your damaged pavement will call for some ambitious asphalt maintenance & repairs. That also entails slightly bigger budget considerations. Here are ways to quickly size up the funds to get the task done and catch up with those nasty potholes & cracks once Lady Winter withdraws!

Consider Asphalt Life Expectancy

If your asphalt is beyond repair owing to last year's neglect and then winter damage, you might need a new asphalt pavement or at least repaving done. Mind you, the investment is secured long term as new pavement can last 15-20 years, but a well-maintained parking lot can go even further!

Time & Selections Are Valuable

It's paving off-season, but you can still receive free quotes from reputable contractors and discuss or book them in advance for a paving project. You do need to consider financing & personal funds to book a contractor. You also need to be smart when selecting a reputable contractor for the project so that the job is done with top-notch deliveries.

Anticipate Budgeting Impediments

Do you have a steady stream of income? Does your property warrant a brand-new pavement or hot mix patching? How can your project affect the tenants by spring? You need to consider all aspects of benefits & inconveniences caused by the project and communicate to your selected contractor in advance. The earlier you begin the talks, the more realistic project timelines will develop down the road.

Future Maintenance

Whether you intend to carry out a maintenance or repair project, maintenance is still vital to protecting your investment through the years. You should discuss a spring & autumn maintenance plan with your contractor as you plan to remediate your pavement come spring.

General Budgeting Considerations

If your parking lot is damaged by age & neglect, then your project budget should aim for pavement restoration; otherwise, the norm is to phase out asphalt repairs over 1-2 years. Lack of maintenance can distort your budget and incur hefty costs, so incorporate preventative maintenance into your annual pavement care plan.

Getting the perfect stretch of pavement is heavily dependent on the quality of materials, contractors, and planning. Off-season paving assistance is never far at Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, with many factors for a property manager to consider.

There is no need to worry when you've Charlotte's best parking lot maintenance experts on your team. Check out our extensive, expert-backed services, and feel free to bag your free quotes today!

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