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4 Ways That A Parking Lot Maintenance Plan Guarantees Increased ROI

March 23, 2023

3 min

Regarding parking lots, whenever disaster strikes and resource routes are affected, every lot business foregoes maintenance and shifts focus onto operational expenses to survive the recession. The need to focus on short-term survival economics is understandable but not a viable strategy if your income source is deteriorating and racking up asphalt repair expenses.

Recessions may be a tough time to keep your businesses afloat, but a few selfless considerations in economic survival go a long way to ensuring your parking lots pick up the pace on the cash flow.

Here are four ways you can not only sustain your parking lot ROI but increase it as economic conditions improve!

1. Maintained Parking Lots Have Visual Appeal

When people hear of "curb appeal," they imagine landscaping and building improvements. Parking lot care and repair, on the other hand, contribute to the overall visual appeal of your property. Before your visitors ever walk through your facility's doors, a parking lot with faded line striping and potholes may deter them from wanting to do business with you. In contrast, a well-kept parking lot improves the aesthetic appeal of your property and raises its value.

2. Adherence To Accessibility Regulation

Over time, parking lines' paint may dull, causing them to be challenging to see and violating local and federal laws. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that businesses must make public places accessible to people with disabilities, including parking lots. Local legislation may impose further specifications on the width, markings, and location of fire lanes. You'll need to restripe your parking lines every 1-2 years and replace signage if you want them to continue to comply with the ADA and local rules.

3. Ensuring Safety of Tenants & Visitors

The most fundamental reason for maintaining your parking lot in good shape is to protect tenants and visitors. Making sure your parking lot has fresh, bright lines will improve visibility by making it easier for people to see where they're going and how far ahead of oncoming traffic they are. Installing speed bumps and signs can help drivers avoid being distracted or reckless. Cracks and potholes not only increase the risk of accidents; they can also result in costly settlements for personal injury claims.

4. Preventive Maintenance Plans Save You Money

Over time, your parking lot is exposed to traffic loads and natural elements that can cause fissures in asphalt. Vehicle wear and tear may exacerbate any underlying problems. Investing in parking lot preventative maintenance can add 10 to 15 years to the life of your asphalt surfaces. When you consider the time and expense of obtaining permits, constructing new asphalt, and resealing your parking lot after it has rained, investing in a resealable asphalt solution that lasts for two to three years is a bargain that may save you thousands of dollars over the life of your parking lot.

At Proline Parking Lot Maintenance, we not only live up to our quality namesake but also dispense advice on getting your lots through tough times without racking up financial burdens. We hope our reasoning moves you, and if you happen to be a parking lot owner or manager based in Cornelius, NC, please get in touch with us on free quotes for a robust parking lot maintenance plan.

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