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10 Reasons For Installing Wheel Stops In Your Parking Lot

March 23, 2023

3 min

Placing wheel stops in a striped parking lot is an essential step towards drivers' and vehicles' safety during car parking. A wheel stop's primary function is to alert the driver to stop the vehicle before it hits the wall or another car. 

Parking lots are often the center of accidents as people trying to park their vehicles in a hurry and end up hitting the wall or nearby vehicles. Wheel stops allow drivers to park their cars safely even when they are in a hurry. Proline Parking Lot Maintenance Inc. provides wheel stop installation services in Mooresville, NC to protect the driver's car and the parking lot pavement. 

In today's blog post, we will discuss 10 benefits of wheel stops in parking lots.

1. Wheel stops are most suitable for commercial and business parking lots to ensure safe and distanced parking between cars without damaging the property.

2. Wheel stops are made of various materials, including recycled tires, concrete, rubber, and metal. They have a high visibility rate even in the dark because of the reflective tape on them. 

3. Wheel stops are not only for the cars' safety but also to prevent the vehicles from hitting and damaging the pavement.

4. Wheel stops have incredible durability as they are usually constructed of recycled tires and do not rust, crack, or corrode away. 

5. The flexible rubber material in a wheel stop prevents it from breaking if a car hits it and also makes it environment friendly. 

6. Wheel stops last for decades because of their resistance to changing weather, harsh temperatures, and damaging UV rays. 

7. A wheel stop's placement alerts the driver before they hit their vehicle somewhere. This way, no damage is done to the car ever while parking.

8. Wheel stops bring an aesthetic appeal to a parking lot as they bring about uniformity and safe parking between cars.

9. Wheel stops require little to no maintenance as they do not damage easily and are very easy to install. 

10. Wheel stops are also used to improve the traffic flow in commercial parking lots where cars are often parked close together, risking the vehicle's safety and the driver’s. 

Wheel stops are gradually becoming a necessary part of parking lots to ensure the cars' safety and prevent expensive damage to the parking lot pavement. Proline Parking Lot Maintenance Inc. provides installation of suitable wheel stops to protect walls, signs, and posters from being damaged by vehicles.

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