Pothole Repair

“Whether you’ve got 1 or 100 potholes in your property, it is in your best interest to address them immediately!
Any sort of pothole on your property can create an immediate liability problem for you and your business. All it takes is one person to trip in the pothole or damage their vehicle and next thing you know, a liability claim is being delivered to your office.
We currently offer two methods of pothole repairs:


  1. Cold Patch Pothole Repair: this method is dine by cleaning out all loose debris in the pothole and filling the void with cold patch product to bring the surface slightly above level with a small crown at the middle once compacted. This crown allows for further settling of the material with out creating a dip and also keeps water from holding in the hole. Please note: this method is a temporary repair to mitigate the immediate liability and we always recommend doing a true cut and replace for a permanent fix.
  2. Remove and Replace Repair (Asphalt Patch): this method is the ultimate repair to damaged asphalt. It involves saw cutting around the problem area, removing and disposing of the damaged asphalt, compacting the base under the surface, and installing new hot mix asphalt creating a smooth finished product. Asphalt Patching is the most in depth repair method that generates the longest lasting solution.