Sealcoating is a process that does exactly what the name implies- provides a coating of sealant on your asphalt surface. By installing this sealer effectively, it will greatly increase the lifespan of your pavement as well as the curb appeal. This happens because the deep, black sealer that is applied will reduce the penetration of asphalt’s worst enemies- water, oils, fuels, and oxidation. Sealcoating is an essential step in protecting your asphalt investment. You wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a brand new wooden deck at your home and not stain/seal it, so why wouldn’t you provide the same level of care to your asphalt parking lot? Asphalt deserves love too!

If your asphalt has been neglected for 10-15 years, Sealcoating it is like putting a fresh coat of stain on a rotten wooden deck; It will make it look nice, but it won’t fix the base of the problem. Once your asphalt surface has become rough and you can start to see the aggregate coming to the top, you have reached a point of considering repaving rather than Sealcoating.
Unfortunately, there are sub-par contractors out there that will try to sell property managers or owners on Sealcoating pavement that is in true need of repairs or repaving. Once asphalt has reached this point, there is no more “extending the life of the asphalt.” If you apply sealer at this point, it would only provide an aesthetic benefit as opposed to a longevity benefit.
At Proline, we use GemSeals premium Asphalt Emulsion sealer, Black Diamond. This is mixed according to manufacturers recommendations with additives, water, and sand. The additives assist with curing as well as keeping the deep black color of the sealer. The water added to the sealer concentrate varies with the weather. During the hotter months, there is generally a little bit more water added to make sure the sealer doesn’t dry too fast causing it to “flash dry” which can then compromise the integrity and appearance of the finished product. The sand is added to increase traction for pedestrians on the newly applied sealer. The last thing we would want is for someone to slip and fall on your beautifully sealcoated parking lot!
We currently use two different methods of application. The most common method is with a spray wand. This method puts down sealer at approximately 6-7 gallons per minute and generally creates the most evenly applied product. Unless otherwise specified, we apply two sprayed coats of sealer allowing approximately at least one hour of drying time in between coats.
The other method of application is brushing on the sealer with 24”-36” brushes. This method is typically used for smaller areas that spraying would be too difficult. When brushing on the sealer, it typically goes on twice as thick as spraying so we only apply one brushed coat when using this method unless otherwise requested.
The answer to this question has many variables such as the weather, the amount of area we can work on at one time, specs of the project, etc. Generally speaking, we can normally turn around a parking lot in 24-48 hours. However, smaller parking lots (under 25,000 SQF), we can normally sealcoat and stripe in one day. The manufacturer always recommends 24 hours of curing time before allowing traffic on the newly sealed surface.
When using Asphalt Emulsion Sealer, the average price to sealcoat your pavement generally ranges from $0.15 – $0.25 per square foot. However, there are a number of factors that can go into this pricing such as the following:
How many mobilizations are required to complete this project? The more area we are allotted to complete in one day, the less mobilizations there are.
The size of the area being sealed can play a factor in pricing as well. If we are comparing a small 15,000 SQF parking lot to a larger 115,000 SQF parking lot, the amount of resources and materials vary greatly. However, with larger projects, we can normally get better pricing on materials which then gets passed on as better pricing to customers!
If your pavement surface requires extensive cleaning and preparation before Sealcoating, that can add in the amount of time and labor needed for the project which then impacts the price. The pavement surface needs to be as clean as possible before applying sealer to allow for proper adhesion.

Please note: if you are receiving prices under $0.15/SQ Foot or $1.35/SQ Yard, there is a good chance you’ll be receiving either a sub-par product or sub-par service. This is a service that you should make sure an experienced professional is handling!

We recommend first sealing your new asphalt approximately 12-18 months after installation. This time allows for the asphalt to completely compact and “settle in” but still generally has most of its initial oils and “glue” that holds the asphalt together. By Sealcoating the new asphalt, it assists in keeping those essential products in the asphalt keeping it pliable and smooth.
Just like you wouldn’t just stain your wooden deck at your house once over its lifespan, you shouldn’t only seal your asphalt once over its lifespan either. For best results in longevity as well as keeping a fresh aesthetic appearance to your property, we generally suggest Sealcoating every 3-5 years depending on the volume of traffic on your pavement.