If your parking lot has reached the end of its lifespan, repaving is likely on your radar. Although repaving can be a costly and challenging project, we are here to keep things as smooth as possible!

There are generally 3 different types of repaving methods that can be completed to provide you with a new asphalt surface.

This method is often the most simple way to go, but can only be performed if your asphalt isn’t ”too far gone.” This is when we come in and install a new mat of asphalt over the existing surface giving you a fresh, smooth parking lot. Before this is done, we generally recommend crack sealing the existing surface to help provide stability for the new asphalt. If the existing surface is crumbling or there are substantial amounts of holes and voids, this method is not recommended as the new asphalt will likely fail in the same areas as the existing asphalt.
Milling and Paving your asphalt surface is the next level in repaving your parking lot. When performing this service, we generally remove 2”+/- of the existing asphalt and install 2”+/- new asphalt in place of what was removed. Similar to overlaying, if there is substantial damage to your current pavement caused by base failures, milling and paving would not be beneficial as the new asphalt would soon reflect the same cracking and failures you currently have.
Once your asphalt and it’s base has reached a point that is showing clearly indicated base failures, this is the best option for mitigating this problem. Once the existing pavement is removed, we can then access the best to add material where needed, grade, and compact prior to installing the new mat of asphalt. If the base is sturdy, everything above it will be too.